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Who we are and what we do

Zumedia takes pride in being the experiential design and build consultants and for the region’s show productions, entertainment & events industry. We are now in our 10th year of providing specialised services in the television production industry. We also cater to events and exhibitions of any scale and size, and also provide turn-key solutions in marketing collaterals and large-scale print media.


Our core expertise in set and stage design is in-line with all media, broadcast and television mediums, and this comes with a myriad of creative events execution along-side. We handle all your needs ranging from creative direction, design & technical specifications, fabrications to LED and lighting set-ups.


This is your launchpad to turn your ideas into surreal physical experiences. We create your dreams. Take the first step and talk to us.


Catering to your set budgets


Quality, Not Quantity


Creating Change, Pushing Boundaries


A Loyal Tradition

Our Clients

What others say about us

Definitely went beyond expectations. It was pleasant to meet a team who not only looked to deliver results for the project at hand but also showed zest for your brand and outlook as a whole.
William LimXtreme Media
You guys are a really talented bunch. The set you designed was beautiful and lively. I've always tried to be different from the market and It's refreshing to work with like minded individuals like yourselves.
Lindsay VineIFA Media
Zumedia and team grasped our needs quickly and produced stunning design after design. Their flexibility were what we really loved and appreciated about them as modifications were made very quickly and efficiently. These guys are the real pros in their industry, in every right of the term.
Najip Ali2M